Jamie, thank you so much for coming to our school. You are such an inspiration to many people, and you probably changed most of the people in our school. You're such a brave person for sharing your childhood. You definitely changed my life. Keep doing what you're doing.
Joe — high school student

Jamie, what you did at our school changed the school a lot. Most speakers don't really change kids in are school. But I can see that you have changed almost everyone at school. Thanks man - you really helped our school. Keep doing what you're doing. Thanks!
Clement — high school student

Thanks for speaking at our school Jamie it really was great. I really respect you for what you did, and now after your movie and everything you said I'll think twice before saying something is "Gay" or "Retarded".
Andrew — high school student

I just wanted to thank you for coming to my school. I can't believe how many people you actually got to. It's unbelievable that you touched so many people in our school, some that you wouldn't even think of, with your story. It's truly inspiring that you're spreading your knowledge through your sad experience to others. You've really made a difference and we're all so grateful that you could help us change and see something we haven't seen before. You've opened up our eyes and made us think before we speak. It's people like you that make a difference in this world and we're all so glad you've kept staying strong. Please continue what you do and we'll all try to create a community where everyone feels welcome and safe. Everybody should be accepted for who they are and nobody should feel uncomfortable in their own skin. We'll all try to work towards that goal. Once again, thank you so much Mr. Nabozny.
Nicole — high school student

Thank you so much for speaking to my classmates last Monday. You reached the hearts and souls (sorry if that sounds cliché) of even the most conservative people in attendance. As a straight 16-year-old male, I found that it would be typical for me to simply accept bullying as human nature and inevitable. Individuals like you inspire me to be a part of the movement toward equal treatment of every human being, no matter what features or traits he/she embodies.
Kevin — high school student